Impact of LabEx EMC3

LabEx EMC3 funding (13 M€) has had signficant effects on the organisation of the Norman research. This consortium, which came before the merging of former Lower and Upper Normandy, led to an increase in the collaborations between laboratories of Caen (CRISMAT, CIMAP, LCMT, LCS), of Rouen (CORIA, GPM) and LOMC, located in Le Havre.

At the border between energy materials and clean combustion, LabEx EMC3 also fostered synergies between the 3 CNRS institutes represented within the consortium:

  • Chemistry Institute (INC): CRISMAT, LCS, LCMT
  • Physics Institute (INP): CIMAP, GPM
  • Engineering Institute (INSIS): CORIA, LOMC

Thanks to the excellence of the research supported, LabEx EMC3 played a major role in the structuration of the Norman research through its involvement in the creation of COMUE Normandie Université. Then, the board of the Research and Training Strategic Pool “Energy, Propulsion, Matter and Materials” (EP2M) is composed of 3 directors of labs involved within EMC3.