FLAXLAB, a new joint laboratory project

The FLAXLAB project, supported by ENSICAEN, was selected by the ANR in August 2019 as part of the LabCom 2019 call for projects.

le lin sous différentes formes

CNRT Matériaux (acting on behalf of the CRISMAT and LOMC laboratories) and the DEPESTELE group propose to combine their efforts within this Joint Laboratory to develop reinforcements 100% flax fibers or associated with other fibers for the manufacture of materials structural or functional composites. The research will focus mainly on the following points:

  • Development of specific reinforcements (different scales and architectures) in various fields of application: furniture, eco-construction, health, packaging, transport …
  • Methods of implementation adapted to plant fibers (how to associate these reinforcements with polymer or even mineral matrices?)Performance of biosourced composite materials (thermo-hydro-mechanical properties and durability)
  • Recyclability of biosourced composites (what environmental impacts?).

The assembly stage and the operational phase of the FLAXLAB Joint Laboratory are planned for a period of five years.

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