LabEx EMC3 is headed by a director, Antoine Maignan assisted by a co-director. A project manager is responsible for the administration of LabEx and its communication. The LabEx Governance is composed of an Executive Committee, a Scientific Council and a Steering Committee whose main tasks are described below.

  • Executive Commitee (CoDir): The CoDir consists of the 7 laboratory directors. This committe oversees project progress and provide an unique forum for communication between directors on questions whether technical, scientific, industrial, commercial or otherwise, related to the LabEx.
  • Scientific Council (CS): The CS consists of 7 scientific experts (7 outside laboratory members). The CS provides expertise for the implementation of the LabEx goals with a focus on scientific relevance, international position and a strategic orientation role. The CS operates also the selection of projects after the call for proposals and the final choice.
  • Steering Committe (CoPil) : The CoPil consists of the 8 following members :
  • CNRS_ Regional Delegate
  • CEA_Director
  • UCBN_ President
  • ENSICAEN_ Director
  • Université de Rouen_President
  • Université du Havre_ President
  • INSA de Rouen_Director
  • 1 representive of the ANR (National Agency for Research)
  • Members of the Steering Committee are assisted by the following representatives:
  • 1 representative of the Regional Council of High- and Low-Normandy
  • 1 representative of the Regional Delegation for Research and Technology of Normandy
  • 1 representative of the General Secretary for Regional Affaires of Normandy
  • 1 representative of the automotive industry competitive cluster: MOV’EO
  • 3 representatives of the industry (MURATA, PSA, EDF)
  • the 7 members of the Executive Commitee
  • the President of the Scientific Council

Organigramme Gouvernance

The main task of the Steering Commitee is to validate the operations, including the ratification of the selected projects from the call for proposals. In addition, it can propose on the Executive Committee and the Scientific Council suggestions modifications or new orientations to optimise the LabEx running. The LabEx EMC3 is thus punctuated by annual meetings of these three committees (CoDir, CS, CoPil) and also by a Scientific Day earlier at the beginning of the year that prepares researchers to the annual Call for proposals. Since 2011, the LabEx EMC3 organisation follows the following scheme:

organigramme des réunions du labex emc3organigramme des réunions du labex emc3