The LOMC laboratory celebrates 10 years !

The LOMC, member laboratory of LabEx EMC3 based in Le Havre, celebrated its 10th anniversary last Friday !

The “Laboratoire Ondes et Milieux Complexes” (Laboratory Complex Waves and Fields) of Le Havre has been created by common agreement of the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research and CNRS on January, 1st 2008 under the form of a “Formation de Recherche en Evolution” (FRE 3102) affiliated to CNRS and Le Havre University. It is the fruit of the merging between 2 labs: the Mixed-Research Unit CNRS LAUE (Laboratory of Ultrasonic acoustics and Electronics) and the Laboratory of Mechanics, Physics and Geoscience (LMPG, EA of Le Havre University).

It plays a major role in the organization of Master training paths of Le Havre in Civil Engineering and Energies. In 2012, it became the Mixed-Research Unit 6294 (CNRS-Le Havre Normandie University). The CNRS support is proof of the scientific quality of the works led by its researchers and the growing interest of the industrials by their skills and know-how.

Nowadays, LOMC is composed of 100 persons (86 researchers and 12 Engineers, Technicians and Administrative Staff). Strong of its assets, it welcomes around 20 invited foreign researchers per year as well as Master interns for “training through research” programs (5 months in average).

The research led in LOMC covers a wide range (Physics, Electronics, Mechanics, Civil Engineering and Earth Sciences) going from fundamental research towards application.

Within LabEx EMC3, its high skills in energetic efficiency is widely appreciated (mixing phenomena, thermal properties enhancement, materials mechanics and plasmas). And this expertise is renowned by the publication of about 500 articles in international journals between 2008 and 2017 and several distinctions (IUF Junior, Award from the American Astrophysics Society, Award from the French Astrophysics Society,  2 Medals from the French Astrophysics Society, thesis awards…)

For more information on the history of LOMC, click here (press release in French ! ).

This celebration has also allowed the official launch of the DIAMECO platform, partfly funded through the former Upper-Normandy Region, CPER and LabEx EMC3.

For more information on this new equipment, click here (press release in French ! ).

All our best wishes from LabEx EMC3 to LOMC, and good continuation for the decades to come !

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