Undergraduate teaching

One of the main objectives of LabEx EMC3 is to promote Normandy as a place for Research of Excellence but also for its training in Materials for Energy and Clean Combustion.  First of all, several Master-degree trainings in Normandy rely on the research potential of the 7 member laboratories within the 3 Master-degree training presented below. Moreover, LabEx EMC³ is also invovled in the financing of internship in awarding the 7 labs to train undergraduate student every year.

Master degree ENERGY (URN, INSA Rouen (Engineering School) and ULH

This degree directly linked with the research themes of CORIA (Rouen) and LOMC (Le Havre) laboratories prepares student for future research, developement & design functions in the field of energetics, mechanics of fluids, combustion, optical metrology and laser diagnosis . It is composed of 3 training paths 2 of which (in bold character) are directly linked with LabEx EMC3.

  • EFEMO (Energy, Fluids, Environment and Optical Metrology) are taught in both URN (University Rouen Normandy) and INSA Rouen. It is mainly attached to the research in the laboratories CORIA, GPM and CIMAP. For further information, please click here.
  • EFC (Complex Fluid Energetics) taught in the University of Le Havre. Its courses are strongly connected to the research in LOMC laboratory. For further information, please click here.
  • GSI-ME (leading to a Professional Master’s Degree on the security of industrial  processes)

Master degree in SCIENCES OF MATTER (URN)

This international degree is connected with the research themes of the GPM laboratory. It trains future materials experts and proposes 3 differents paths which are as follows:

  • Nanosciences
  • Materials for electronics: components liability
  • Materials Engineering (professional path to work in the industry)

The teaching axes focus on :

  • Materials physical properties
  • Mechanisms of material ageing
  • Techniques of analysis, measurement and diagnosis of microstructures
  • Use of the equipment needed to study materials

For further information, please click here.

Master degree in Materials, Nanosciences and Energy (MANE) – UNICAEN and ENSICAEN (Engineering School) :

This degree dedicated to research jobs aims to meet strong demands from major research organisations and industries toward engineers and scholars possessing strong skills in materials studies and industrial sectors such as aeronautics, automobile, energy production and storage. This Master is strongly linked with the Master degree Sciences of Matter of Rouen and e-learning courses are provided for students in Le Havre and Rouen. It is strongly linked with the labs CRISMAT, CIMAP and GPM.

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