Pr. François Lique (LOMC), awardee of an ERC consolidator grant

François Lique, Professor at the University of Le Havre in LOMC laboratory, received an ERC “consolidator” grant in the 2018 call for the following project “COLLEXISM: Collisional Excitations of Interstellar Molecules : towards reactive systems”. This grant, in the wake of his nomination as Junior member of the IUF (Institut Universitaire de France) in 2017 rewards and promoteshis contribution in the field of astrophysics especially. The COLLEXISM project mainly aims at studying the theoretical study of inelastic collisions in gas phase and its astrophysic applications. Few reliable data are available on collisions occurring in the Interstellar medium whereas their understanding is key for the modelisation of the interstellar environment. A focus is planned on collisions implying hybrides and major interstellar species (H and H2). Hybrides are essential molecules for the understanding of the physicochemical evolution of the interstellar medium. The research team will also focus on the competition between inelastic and reactive processes existing between collisions of some hybrides such as HS+, NH+ OH+, H2O+ or H3O+ by developing and using statistic and quantum methods to obtain precise data which could serve to the interpretation of experimental results. The impact of these new data on astrophysic models will also be tackled. The COLLEXISM project will allow the hiring of 4 high-level researchers in Normandy during the 5 following years as well as the training of 3 PhD students. Many collaborations with leading researchers are also considered, extending the visibility of the Norman research at the European and international levels. All our congratulations in LabEx EMC3 go to Pr. François Lique and LOMC for this new honour which will help increase the visibility of excellence research in Normandy !

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