Initial assessment of the 2014 Scientific Day

This year 2014 started well for the LabEx EMC³ with colleagues who quickly responded positively to our invitation and were interested in our proposal for national LabEx partnerships in the field of Energy Materials and Clean Combustion. Thus 4 LabEx representatives were present in 19th February, 2 directors of LabEx, Iskender Gökalp, president of Orléans LabEx CAPRYSSES and Christophe Coupeau, president of Poitiers LabEx INTERACTIVE, a research axis responsible Philippe Thomas from Limoges LabEx Σ-LIM and a researcher, Thierry Schuller representing the Parisian LabEx LaPSIS.

These people came to present their Excellence Laboratory (LabEx), taking care to explain financial operation, selected research themes, major equipment used and the available skills. This quickly show the creativity of the research community in response to the National Research Agency (ANR) for the two bidding Laboratories of Excellence waves. For example, Orléans LabEx CAPRYSSES performs two calls for research projects per year while Limoges LabEx Σ-LIM favors Chairs of Excellence and free projects.


If this difference in financing and timetables will give a hard time to mount projects. The 2014 Call for projects does not seem to impress our researchers who have already in mind four LabEx collaboration proposals over 13 drafts submitted February 19. This includes a partnership with LabEx CheMiSyst from Montpellier and another cooperation with a research group from LabEx SynOrg in Rouen. Thus note a strong enthusiasm to answer the call for projects this year: 13 drafts deposited with 4 short projects and 9 long projects, and a distribution on the following areas: 30% of drafts on the axis Materials for Energy, 20% for Clean Combustion and the rest (50%) for the Multidisciplinary Research

Note that the 2014 call for proposals will be launched on 1st March and ends on 30th April with the delivery of pre-records to the experts of the Scientific Council (SC). The expertise will lead to a note (A, B or C) that determines the state of the pre-bid (A = good for 2d CS; B = revision needed; C = refused ).


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