2015 Call

Hereafter the summaries of the short projects now closed and selected in the frame of the 2015 Call of LabEx EMC3:


Out-of-focus images correlator for ice crystal interferometric imaging

Axis 3 : Multidisciplinary research – CORIA/ GPM / CIMAP

The CISTIC Project (2016-2017) aimed at setting up a device enabling 3D characterisation of particles by in-focus / out-of-focus imaging, on synthetic particles elaborated in CORIA. Besides, softwares of interferometric images were to be developed as well as a device creating “programmable” particles and modelling ice crystals growth to establish a link between atmospheric conditions and expected optical signals.

The various steps of the project have been shared between each partner lab and allowed to set up a recognition pattern model for particles going from several shape groups, through the interferometric imaging with 2 view angle, tested and validated in the freezing column located in CORIA. It also enabled the modelling of ice crystal growth for a wide range of shapes (GPM) and set up experiments to generate in-focus / out-of-focus images of “programmable” particles with Spatial Light Modulator (SLM) in CIMAP.

The skills represented in each partner team allowed to set up a complete system which resulted in a software repository (“Snowflake_fr” in GPM for the simulation of ice crystals growth in 2017). The SIAMA project, also funded through LABEX EMC3 and selected in the 2017 Call goes one step further and allows to embed the developed devices in an airborne prototype.

Fig. 1: Representation of the experimental device on “freezing column” (a) and picture of the device

Fig. 2: Phase diagram of an ice crystal shape modelled by “Snowflake_fr” software

Leader : Marc Brunel (CORIA)