Multidisciplinary research

The axis Multi-disciplinary research under the responsibility of Serge Bouffard involves 7 member laboratories. From 2011 to 2017, LabEx EMC3 funded 21 projects on this field:  11 short projects, 5 long projects and 1 Attractiveness project for a global amount of 3,421 k€. Hereafter are the different parts of this research axis.


The works funded within the LabEx EMC3 often lead to main instrumental developments. Among them, we can mention the research on lasers, operando and in-situ spectroscopies, multi parameter acquisition in real time and the methods of synthesis and characterization of the materials. This research field is coordinated by Gérard Gréhan and Angela Vella.

Involved laboratories: CIMAP – CORIA

Energy recovery and conversion by thermoelectricity

The integration of thermoelectric modules in combustion systems (micro and meso combustor), engines and/or exhaust lines to convert the lost heat in electricity requires the consideration of a full thermic system. A joint approach pf thermodynamic modelisation and experimental data obtained on a test bed is necessary to optimize this technology. Christophe Goupil is responsible for this axis.


Synthesis of new materials

The design, synthesis and characterization of new hybrid materials (organic-inorganic) and nanocomposites are one of the means to develop affordable materials with controlled properties by using environment-friendly processes. LabEx EMC3 will focus especially on the elaboration of materials with catalytic, thermoelectric and optical properties. This field of research is coordinated by Annie-Claude Gaumont.

Project example: One of the ways to generate multifunctional materials with magneto-optical coupling in interfaces is to lay down thin films of organic and inorganic materials under the form of heterostructures.

Involved laboratories: CRISMAT – GPM – LCS – CIMAP – LCMT