V. Pralong (CRISMAT) receives the “Chemistry and Energy Research” Award 2019 from the SFC

 Dr. Valérie Pralong, CNRS Research Director in CRISMAT laboratory, in Caen

is the winner of the  “Chemistry and Energy” Research Award of the French Chemical Society for her works on the synthesis and the characterization of new materials, especially complex transition metal oxides with ionic conductivity. These materials detaining applications in energy storage (batteries, fuel cells).

She mainly orientated her research on the systemic study on the relations between properties and structures which enabled the exploration of AxMyOz-type transition metal oxides, with A = Li, Na and M = Mn, Ti, V and the transition metal polyanionic oxides such as phosphates, and finally non stoechiometric oxides and cobalt hydroxides, iron or manganese oxides.

Those works allowed the discovery of electrode materials protected by 6 patents and is co-author of more than 150 publications on the subject.

Congratulations to her for this distinction rewarding her strong contribution in research in the field of materials for energy storage !

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